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About Moms Like Us NJ

Welcome! I’m Sabrina and I’m a mom to 2 sweet minis, my Super Hero is pictured above💛. My oldest, now 21 years old😳, was born premature (24 weeks!) and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy among a list of other terms. I've had a lot of support through the years and have met many wonderful doctors, coworkers, teachers, therapists, and moms like ME! Thus...Moms Like Us was formed. 

I organized Moms Like Us after working in several non-profit positions and realizing that I obtained more beneficial information from someone that has been there and done that. I also realized that there was so much I did not know until talking with a mom at a doctor's office or school parking lot. 

Moms Like Us began as a very small support group that flourished into my desire to help mothers navigate the overwhelm and still maintain their sanity. Often we have family and friends that don’t quite “get it” when we express our concerns or even our schedules. 

Moms Like Us is a safe place to share, connect, and be encouraged. 

My job is to work alongside individuals to bring about creative, thought-provoking, and insightful goals to maximize your potential for your family and/or yourself.  Too often, as moms, we tend to neglect ourselves because of the many hats we wear. 

With IEPs/ISPs, various appointments, equipment, and even having multiple children, it can be very difficult to maintain balance. Families with children that have unique learning differences or special needs may benefit from additional support, training, and practical information. I am a coach that will focus on working with you in reaching your goals as I, too, understand the family dynamics and the systems of care.  You know your family best and I wish to aid in offering a fresh perspective and assist in brainstorming as someone who has walked and worked in similar situations. 

So if you’re feeling kinda like you need balance, refocusing or a nudge in your goals I'd love to be of assistance. 

Hugs (I'm a hugger 🤗),


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