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Hiring Staff

Updated: Jan 7

How to hire the right care for your loved one

Make sure that the individual sees your loved one as an individual first, not their disability.

How many hours per day are you approved for?

Are you in touch with the insurance company's nurse case manager?

What do you really want in your situation/home?

What don’t you want to see happen?

Does that agency have backup or per-diem nurses?

Is the nurse trained on your loved one's specific type of equipment?

Does the supervising nurse visit regularly?

What other team members are involved? (ie: respiratory therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, teachers)


I recommend taking a day or 2 to frame the in-home training to value what YOU offer- Be sure to instill what YOU will offer to this valuable team.

Us moms are the secret sauce, the team benefits from your knowledge and past.

Create barriers and boundaries.


Be creative

Ask questions

See if they're comfortable/confident

Slow is good

Do it your way

Share your personal experience

When interviewing staff for Gelly, I've done zoom calls to feel the nurse out first. I didn't want to waste time having someone come out during Covid that may not have possibly been a good fit.

I've asked plenty of questions. I've SHOWN them how to do range of motion that works for Gelly.

I always keep an ear out to listen to how the nurses communicate with my mini.

My nurse case manager (from the insurance company) suggested that I try multiple agencies as a backup or to retain a different nurse(s). I was up to 3 different nurses, each week, for 10-hour shifts. This was mega frustrating also because neither had per-diem staff. So when a nurse called out, I also had to call out of work.

Always are not obligated to stay with nurses that are not working out. Be sure to communicate with the agency if you need to make any changes to the staff.

Also, Be sure to check out my workbook to effectively communicate your loved one's needs.

Talk soon!


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