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It's been a Whiiiiiiiile, I know

Heyyy there. How are YOU?

Me? I'm glad you asked.

I've been busy. Busy mom-ing like crazy. My youngest was battling mental health needs and long story short we've enrolled into a specialized school and incorporated in-home therapy. Better days are among us. 2023 was indeed life-changing and a learning and growing experience. I was able to gain even more knowledge and experience to help now in the mental health arena.

I've since become trained in Youth Mental health First Aid, QPR, as a Professional Parent Advocate, and now I'm training to be a community-based doula.

Oh, the hats your girl is wearing. I trust that God has led me on this path to further help in this realm. Even my mini has been instrumental in helping friends and even educating me to understand the struggles faced with having autism and mental health needs.

I'm ever so grateful for this journey.

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