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IEP Meetings

Here are a few things I try to remember when preparing for an IEP meeting.

First and foremost, review last year’s copy.

I suggest you come with a list of things your loved one enjoys doing or watching at home so that they could possibly incorporate that in school. There is nothing like consistency. Oftentimes, the teachers and therapists are so creative. There are ideas that could also be used as an incentive like it does with Gelly. Sometimes after working she can watch a few moments of her favorite cartoon, Tom & Jerry.

Another thought is to be sure to include your loved one in the creative process. Come to the meeting with a few goals yourself that you’d both like to see your loved on work on.

You definitely should have an opinion on what goes into forming the goals that will be worked on. No matter how big or small it may seem.

  • Do you need to update any medical information?

  • Find out how the goals are measured.

  • Find out how progress is monitored.

  • What is the daily/weekly schedule like?

  • What is the student/staff ratio?

  • How often/long are therapies?

  • Ask about what accommodations can be implemented (sensory break, extra time, verbal/visual prompts)

  • Are there transportation accommodations that need to be made?

  • Ask about how your loved one will be assessed.

  • Ask what you can do at home to support the IEP goals. Remember, consistency.

  • Do you have any questions/concerns?

  • If you think of something after the meeting reach out to the IEP team or therapist directly.


Jot down what you notice at home in reference to the goals in the IEP. If your loved one is showing improvements or you are doing something differently that achieves the goal the school can incorporate or modify the steps in the goals.

Finally, be sure to go over the Parent’s Rights. They often send this out at the beginning of the school year.

Do you have any ideas that work specifically for you and your loved one? I’d love to hear about it.

Talk soon!

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