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My Testimony

Updated: Aug 27, 2022


My purpose was revealed many years ago that I am to encourage others. It wasn’t until 2020 that God was more specific as to who I should encourage, even the more. That’s why….the cheesy smile.

Jan 3, 2020, reshaped my world. My Gelly (Angelica) was experiencing upper respiratory distress at school and they ended up having to call 911. Once I got to the hospital I saw how labored her breathing was, I felt so helpless. All I could do is pray while the staff was trying to work with her on improving her breathing. Ultimately, they had to intubate Gelly in the ER. Pneumonia was found in the lung that had been weakened due to the curve caused by scoliosis. During her extended stay at the hospital, Angelica acquired acinetobacter. This feisty disease was sooooooo annoying. Thank God the infectious disease doctors were very diligent. Angelica also had a seizure, which was the first tonic-clonic she’s ever had. And the last. Praise God.

Fast forward to March 18th, the day before my birthday, Angelica was a step closer to coming home and was sent to a rehabilitation facility. It was NOT the place I wanted her to go but that is an even longer, frustrating story. The week prior Covid-19 shut down hospital visits and families were reduced to virtual visits. When and if there was time, a nurse could let us see each other via facetime. July 9, 2020, Angelica finally, finally came home. When I tell you...she began to get healthier and stronger, please believe just THAT!

Within weeks she was off the oxygen, back to laughing. I finally listened to EVERYONE and enlisted help in the form of nursing. I previously had an unsatisfactory experience but had high hopes that this time would be different. Plus, I intended to return to work...I’ll share that lovely story later.

Here we are in November of 2020, Angelica’s birthday is Saturday, and I am reflecting and utterly elated about what God has done during this time in my life. It was extremely difficult for Gelly to be in the hospital that long. But God kept her. She did have mucus plugs and pneumonia several times but never the coronavirus. When I was sad that I couldn’t make it there physically God sent me WDA. WDA is a leadership institute where I took nearly every course they offered from discipleship to understanding people to processing pain. Not for personal growth but because I knew that the only way I’d (even mentally) make it through this uncertain and draining time is by drawing nearer to God. God NEVER fails, EVER!

One thing I know for sure is that when you draw near to God, He will draw near to You. God began to align me with people who would share information that I needed to get to the next level of what He had for me and what He wanted me to do for His kingdom. He began to download ideas that I never could have dreamt for myself. Stay tuned…

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